Allegiance of Nature!

The crack of the dawn had to decipher many secrets of the day. The au bade filled the air with romance as the sun bestowed all its bright light on the hilltops. The arctic and polar weather felt a bit warm for a few seconds, but it was deadly benumbed cold because I was in a glacial surrounding.
The fresh, frosty and frigid air filled my lungs.
The silver snow covered the sparkling sierra, the beauty filled me with zeal. The mountains relished me on my inside, nature seemed to be tender every now and then because it was in peace far away from the crowd of people running behind money, fame and popularity. And here it opened its arms and spread his hands wide to take us all in and nurture our body, mind and soul to some lovely peaceful lessons of happiness.
Bliss. Amity. Respect.
It was truly fun to watch the filly walking with a group of friends by the hillside, carefree and graceful in it’s own world and the little squirrels feeding on filbert. A leech assailed on my blood, being a fellow companion of nature, our tendencies to survive can always hurt each other but we need to ensure that we are dealing with utmost kindness to every soul of nature, sometimes it gets preposterous and irrational but it makes us more gentle.
I walked a few miles forward, the ice was frozen but my blood felt alive.
The gratification lies in making each moment of life special and filling it with solace. I was in the area where the bear attacks were customary. I held the bear spray tight in hand that it turned pale and deep red, I forgot my insecurities and fears when I saw the flora of the place, so enamour and beguile. It was filled with vivid colours and added lure to the mountains!
A temerarious incident took place with me then, I was at the edge of the hill and suddenly a Bear approached me from the other side, out of bloodcurdling fear the spray slipped past my hand. I felt dead. My body was agonizing and I was immensely engrossed in deep fear. I took a deep breath and gathered the courage to stare into his eyes, in a moment I felt really different. His eyes seemed innocent, maybe a false trap but they felt lovable. He probably sensed my fear and knelt down to the snow and sat comfortably. I had a really good opportunity to run away from the situation safe and sound but my heart did not agree, with all the audacity in me I touched the bear most amorously, he twitched and smiled. For the moment, I had become his happiness and he had become my world. He affectionately touched my arms with his hands and became a amiable companion till my journey to the peak. We had a really undefinable bond and purity in love. Innocence wins more hearts against anything put forward. The bear had really admirable qualities which every soul longs to possess. Because that’s what makes others happy and loved.
Nature has so many wonders to offer, if we take in a little courage to understand and explore them!
Love isn’t just between family and friends.
It’s universal.
And the true understanding only takes place when you treat mother nature right and happy, she will make miracles with you with most affection!


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