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I and my dog Teddy were promenading on the embankment of the Private Burj Al Arab beach. The sound of the mild waves and a little lovable woof of my little dog filled me with oomph and pep.
The moon looked resplendent as it spread its armour at twilight.
We stood on the edge of the sand, where the water droplets embraced our feet and happiness filled our soul. He was not just a dog to me. Teddy was the spirit of my life, I was sunk in ardency and love in his eyes. His love was full of piety and unconditional to me, he took my command to be his gospel and he taught me the oneness of all the faiths which symbolise only love and peace rather than divergence of religions.
He was the one to transform my unilluminated expression to joy.
I had presentiment of being without him and jitters of losing him, but he was carefree, cuddling in my arms for the moment and taking the fullest the life had to offer.
It’s unbelievable how every parcel of nature, be it a human or an animal or even a stone has some lessons to offer to maintain the symmetry of life.
The spark of the Burj Al Arab and the charisma of the moon was dynamite and undiscovered romance and remarkably secretive. I held Teddy in my arms and we were beneath those millions of stars, they instilled faith and hope of a beautiful life. They didn’t speak out loud and this isn’t any mediocre philosophy. The stars are gold, they make us feel we are as lucky to be some good omen. Language is not the big league, it’s just unsubstantial. The stars communicated in a way of happiness and journey of smiles.
These natural symbols could be different for divergent people, for me it were the night sky and my dog. But the fact remains the same, whatever instils hope in you is the king of kings and your life force.
I wanted to live in the moment, to spread and be happy like my omens were.
I took teddy to a lovely looking room which overlooked the sublime beach, it seemed more tranquil in the pitch dark. I took a pillow and tossed it on his head, we played like moonstruck kids. He got a little schizophrenic when he had to breathe through the pillows placed all over him. In a minute there was a volley of pillows in air, it felt like precipitation of cushion.
In me, I realised a deeper meaning of living, to be happy and joyful every moment. The linen of the cushion touched my cheeks and Teddy looked with aww in his eyes, I felt happy, I felt loved. I felt life.


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