Beauty in Blue!

It was a happy summer morning.
The resonance of effervesce of water broke the saturnity of the pool.
I entered the Dolphin Bay, it was an enamouring little aqua pure filled smiles and guffaw of the dolphins. I embosomed the dolphin in my arms, I felt wonderful as I heard the cachinnation of the dolphins as if it were a tickle.
I looked at it’s lovely eyes and perfectly curved body.
Simple and sophisticated but loving.
Truly, it was a beauty in blue.
The fins were elfish and splashed the Adam’s ale on us.
I had the feeling of being tongue in cheek and jaunty.
In the middle if the mischief and rollicking, the mumma dolphin and the baby dolphin got into a jocund water fight, it was a volley of water droplets in air. It was all mirthful and zippy but it was cute too.
I flipped my eyes for a second and I was amazed to see the evanescence of the two dolphins, they had become exodus. I felt a unyielding schlepp on my girth. I kicked and screeched but it didn’t help. I took a dip under water and what came about next left me electrified and took my breath.
Smiles of throwing a curve were just unavoidable.
It were the two dolphins fondling me.
I had heard about bear hugs but life of dauntless dreamer were different, we experience dolphin hugs instead. The osculation of me and the dolphin was suave.
I really thought there was a embezzler trying to ambush me.
The allure of dolphins is so profound, it makes you happy no matter how low you feel.
They made me realise, there is so much more to life than just work and money.
I felt loved, I felt like a part of the dolphin family, I felt thankful for the values the dolphins thoughts me, I’d have never discovered until I was lying on my death bed.
I loved watching them toss and turn.
I had a wish, I could stay in those waters forever with the beauty in blue.


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