The Dauntless Jump!

I strapped the belts around me, confirming everything to be in place. A dream would no longer be a dream. It felt a little faint but it was lovely. It seemed maudlin, romantic and boy crazy at first but when I had to jump down the Burj Khalifa, it all faded away and there came a feeling of a misfortune hunter. Parachute jumping felt corpselike, cadaverous and crazy. But a glance at the lovable sky changed my perception yet again, the sky was the backpack of my life now, I could feel it. The madness and immense happiness of dreams and freedom bounded together like honeybee and honeysuckle. It was sweet as honey but scary as hairy.
“Fly” said my instructor, his face calm as ever, I felt ashamed of the bloodcurdling shrillness in me.
“Feels like stepping back” I said, feeling spooky.
His next move was so dauntless that I could kill him for a moment but it was true adventurous that I would thank him for ages.
He pushed me off the building without a warning.
I could feel the love in vault of heaven.
The azure of heavens turned red from blue, there was devotion and valentine in the flow of wind, it made me feel like the king of the celestial sphere. I was escalating in ecstasy of enraptured seventh heaven. No wonder the birds are gleeful and cheered always. The uniqueness of the sky fills everyone with love and happiness. I wish humans would one day be as jubilant as the birds.
I was flying.
It’s strange or rather amusing, how the flow of air brought so much vigour into everyone and how it could transform every heart and melt anger. The passion of the clouds in the sky to the flow of wind gave a true experience of love. They loved you like their own, even if you are their visitor for first time. The sky pampers every living soul.
In the chain of thoughts of happiness and positivity, I felt loved. Smile had found her way to me and slowly came in the time to open the parachute.
I felt they were my wings, like a part of my bag of bones.
I drifted downward slowly, I felt heavy hearted and woebegone because I wanted to stay in the sky forever.
Believe me, it’s in doldrums to go down.
The landing was smooth on luscious green grass, a heart in mouth experience became a abode of love and happiness.
The credence in dreams and constant certitude was the persisting force to hit the bull’s eye or rather now the blue skies.
And there emerged a new feeling in me, of appreciation of the simplest of things and real love and optimism. And from then, I was in a relationship with sky, so profound.


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