A little nap in the lap of nature!

The vast evergreen forests were truly peaceful and words are really playing a game of hide and seek with me when it comes to describing the beauty of forest.
The parakeet were spontaneous in their movement, their green feathers seemed ticklish when they sat close to me. The magpie was rustling near the yucca with wild squirrels sprinting around. The place was rustic, sweet scented smell of freesia filled my lungs.
The Mongolian trees were just overhead me and the rain dance of white and crimson flowers embraced my soul. It was no more than a wild dream, I truly enjoyed dancing on the rhythm and tune of nature. High on the trees were the tailor birds nestling and cuddling in their home, sweet home. The Afeith ran close to me and on that were resting honey fur. The Pir, full of vim and vigour touched my face with motherly gentle fingers.
The nature is the most symmetrical thing on earth. It could calm the offensive and love the charming. It could make miracles and quench the thirst of curiosity by unravelling its mystics. The mystics of divine, of the holy, of love, of peace and creation.
Nature is angelic, in which resides the holy spirit of the pure. The magic could turn anyone upright and sacrosanct.
The eagle was fearsome in appearance, the spine- chilling creature was daunting above the clouds. There was colour of spring, the clematis with showy flowers added a perfect match to the indigo coloured plants. I got frightened with the chirp of cicada. I felt loved walking through the deep narrow lanes of the forest. The chaffer were flying on the scented flowers, the cypress and cussed grass were surrounded with daisy and daffodils.
A dream land.
Darling Dandelion dawdle to dance and dazzle.
And in the end I could just feel one powerful force which touched my soul,
It was the integrity when you listen to nature.
To life.
To heart.


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