Desire: An inevitable obsession or a fantasy?

via Daily Prompt: Desire

An inevitable obsession or a fantasy?
Yes, an inevitable obsession.
Yes, a fantasy.

“Desires are never satisfied by indulgence, on the contrary with indulgence they flame up like fire. ”
– Bhagavad Gita

The rich posses the assets that the poor couldn’t afford to even dream about. Desires are not deleterious unless they turn into an obsession. The greedy desires of the rich and powerful waves of the ocean are shrinking the boat of the world. When humanity and love, are on the narrow edge of the shrinking boat, no body would bother to save it. But when they are lost, the world repents and laments. The desire for humanity and love is a innocent fantasy and not an obsession. There seems to be no point in thinking about what just happened in the deadly past, instead let us put this in a optimistic ways. Some immature desires give rise to some mature desires.

A little child desires everything that he perceives to be good and beautiful around him. His desires shape his dreams, his dreams shape his lifestyle. If he has craved to pursue what he wanted with full certitude and devotedness, he will have a successful life. But will these achieved goals give him happiness? If he desires unconventional pleasures in correspondence to dreams, the equation between the two becomes quite disturbing to the mind. A simple desire for a happy life with not many expectations in association with dreams would however prove tranquillity for mind and soul. This of course does not mean to devoid oneself of luxury and comfort. A desire for luxury and comfort in a sectional manner is innocent and happy but excess of it becomes an obsession.

The desire to gain more followers or likes cannot be judged as an obsession, to add clarity to this topic, it’s in simple words just to urge to name and fame in a social group. Restricting these to our social circle is healthy, but unnecessary connections with everyone in the world is again something not so life happening. Our ultimate desire is to be the king of the world. We float on the cloud 9 on the seventh heaven. A little humbleness to the desires make the story of life radiant and graceful.


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