The Magic of every mother

Mothers are benevolent, a little more than beyond we could understand. You can never really describe her. She is like the blue print of your existence, a part of your soul.
The tie-in of a mother and child kinship did not stand in need for prattle.

Mother is the origin of a child, the biological heart to heart propinquity couldn’t be figured out by the world, for it is camouflaged. A beam of happiness on a mother’s face is what every child has a yen for and atonement and serenity is what a mother desires for her children. Their relationship is unmitigated and categorical.

She is the closest affinity amongst all kith and kin. We may enter into a battle of words with our mother, but we are always in high spirits even though it is her victory. We long to hear her voice in today’s “kaliyug”, and I believe that her words give more happiness than when we hear the beep of text message on our phone.

We confide in her and the most alluring part about the relationship with mother is the power to express our agitation without language. We have and will continue to make uncountable little mistakes; it is really sublime to know how she deals with it. We might idolize all the famous celebrities as our inspiration, but little do we know how tough the life of a celebrity is until our mother’s do not explain to us about the false primrose path that is visible to us.

We get to spend hardly a few years with her, we never realise this until those years come to an end and later we might regret it. This guilt is very tough to overcome and it hurts you your whole life. She doesn’t want our “earnings”, to be honest they are not even our earnings because all that we have, we owe it to her. It is impractical to be with our mommies always, but we could make an attempt to love and cherish each moment we spend with her.


7 thoughts on “The Magic of every mother

  1. Beautifully written, especially the last para. However the child may behave, the mother always keeps it aside n continues to love him, care for him, and be there for him.

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  2. Mesmerizing all the way….
    God may test you with different situations…. but he gave us the most beautiful person who is always by our side in all those moments “A Mother”.


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