Hola, wonderful to see another reader scan through my site.  I wish you would understand the mere sentences of my writings, and would be capable enough to possess a powerful weapon for you all to change your life and pursue towards what you truly desire. Dreams and Love are not just some mediocre philosophy. They are the keys you need to unlock in order to win the game of life. So let’s start unravelling the secrets of fantasy land in our minds and bring a smile to our lips. Hope the inspiration dwells in your hearts forever and not just another lazy day.



Hello readers! xx
I’m a 15 year old student. And my genre of writing is in context with pursuing your dreams and passion.  We all do not need inspiration to live our dreams, but we do require a positive force and a little push to start the journey towards  becoming a star. I wouldn’t bore you with the moral philosophy instead I’d love to be your morale booster.


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